Supplyframe at Shanghai Electronica 2020


With over 1,373 exhibitors across 90,000 square meters, Electronica China in early July of 2020, located in Shanghai, was a standout success despite ongoing concerns around the COVID-19 pandemic. A total of 81,126 attendees came to experience this year’s theme of “Innovation Integration and The Intelligent Future.”

With everything from 5G, to IoT, and even smart factory solutions on display, there was a lot of ground to cover. Supplyframe’s own booth was staffed with 20 attendees offering round table discussion, maker challenges, and live demos to audiences.

Another Successful Electronica, and a Renewed Confidence For The Industry

After postponing the event for three months, Shanghai’s Electronica welcomes exhibitors to showcase the future of the electronics industry. The Supplyframe booth offered a look at our various engineering and sourcing technologies, along with a deeper dive into our media influence and coverage.

As a result of COVID-19, the event was both in-person and online as well for the first time. Within the first two hours, Supplyframe’s online media events attracted over 3,500 participants both online and in person.

Various visitors to the Supplyframe booth offered positive feedback on the show as a whole. Mr. Liu Changjun, sales manager of Atlas Copco Industrial Technology in Shanghai said that the flow of people was beyond all expectations, given current circumstances, and plenty of potential customers showed a keen interest in what was on offer.

Similarly, Mr. Guo Chen, a manager of flexible manufacturing at Great China of Beccaria Industrial Automation, said that the audience this year was very engaged, asking in-depth questions that surpassed all expectations.

Other notable electronics industry companies like Digi-Key and Mouser Electronics also made an appearance at the exhibition. All of this points to a renewed confidence for the industry as we adapt and move forward during the ongoing pandemic.

Manufacturers and distributors attending the event represents a strong signal that these things are returning to a semblance of normal in this part of the world. With the right approach to safety, and a renewed perspective on how to navigate risk, the industry could bounce back and perhaps find renewed strength in the process.

The Key Takeaways From This Year’s Event

Beyond the general sense of confidence and optimism from attendees, a few trends stood out during Shanghai Electronica:

  • IoT technology continues to drive transformation and enhances manufacturing capabilities across a variety of sectors
  • Smart mobility brought several technologies to the table, including unmanned vehicles, automotive networking, and other exciting developments
  • Other exhibitions showcased China’s progress on medical devices, connectors, and embedded applications

The overall positivity, combined with a renewed sense of purpose after several turbulent months positioned Shanghai Electronica as a turning point for the industry in China, pointing towards recovery and growth for the remainder of 2020.

Bradley Ramsey
Bradley Ramsey
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