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Bradley Ramsey

實現你的發明創意!Supplyframe 全球規模最大電子產品價值鏈平台落腳台北 設計到採購一站解決 (

Realize your inventive idea! Supplyframe is the world's largest electronic product value chain platform based in Taipei, one-stop solution from design to procurement Full Article link below (Article in Chinese): 你是現任工程師?或是剛離開電子產業有著創業夢?還是工科即將畢業學生?你的腦中有著滿滿的創意,想自行研發卻沒有資源幫助,那麼你會需要透過 Supplyframe 的綜合性幫助,讓你將創意實現可能。

2021 Spend Matters Supplyframe Technology Review

spend matters technology review
Spend Matters provides detailed insight into Supplyframe’s DirectSource and NPI solutions in their 2021 Technology Review, providing expert insights to help organizations determine if these solutions are the right fit for their needs. “Supplyframe is almost a one-of-a-kind solution for…