Commodity Intelligence Quarterly (CIQ)

A unique and proprietary combination of information, analysis and expertise – Supplyframe CIQ enables faster, smarter decision making of any scale, from the shop floor to the boardroom.

Electronics value chain partners trust CIQ to deliver data-driven, actionable intelligence that helps them drive profitable growth, reduce risk, and improve operational efficiency.

Supplyframe CIQ
↗ Up to 20% Price Increases for legacy analog devices through H121 source: CIQ | 35 weeks Current high-performance analog lead times source: CIQ | 52+ weeks Analog power lead times for automotive source: CIQ | ↗ 20% to 40% Standard logic 8-inch foundry prices in 2021 source: CIQ | ⚠ Allocation for MOSFETs Infineon & Nexperia power MOSFETs source: CIQ | ⚠ Diode EOL risks Mature product pricing is up 20% with EOLs looming source: CIQ | ↗ 16+ weeks Lead times for all photocouplers source: CIQ | $333B Global market for sensors in 2025 source: BCC Research | ↗ 35 to 52 weeks Substrate shortage are increasing chipset lead times source: CIQ | ↘ $1B to $2.5B Amount semiconductor shortage could lower Ford Motor Company’s earnings in 2021 source: Reuters | $3 trillion Amount of investment over the next 10 years needed to meet soaring semiconductor demand source: SIA / BCG | ↗ 20 to 60 weeks Variance of polymer-tantalum capacitor lead times source: CIQ | ↗ Up 33 weeks Electrolytic and film capacitor lead times continue to expand source: CIQ | ↗ $2,600+ per ounce Palladium costs impacting high-voltage MLCCs source: CIQ | ↗ Nearly 5 months Average ceramic capacitor supplier backlog source: CIQ | 90% Capacity utilization for fuses and varistors source: CIQ | ↗ Over 400% FAKRA-compliant connector automotive demand for each new-vehicle model year source: CIQ | ↗ 16+ months How long the drastic TCXO price increases will persist source: CIQ | ↗ Over 40% CCL PCB price increases in the past 6 months source: CIQ | ↗ 12+ weeks Overall rise in PCB lead times due laminate shortages source: CIQ | ↗ 52+ weeks Resistor lead times for some suppliers source: CIQ | ↗ 4 to 8 weeks Overall rise in switch lead times due capacity constraints source: CIQ | ↗ 18 to 20 weeks Lead time range for relays source: CIQ | ↗ 25% Year-on-year smartphone DRAM growth source: Yole Developpement | ↗ Up to 10% Forecast mobile DRAM Q2 price increases source: CIQ



Supplyframe CIQ was developed specifically to address the challenges of traditional supply information sources in the electronics value chain.

Too often, commodity professionals are forced to navigate fragmented, outdated, and inconsistent datasets that do not provide actionable, interconnected intelligence.

The Supplyframe CIQ solution draws from a vast specialist network that includes subject matter experts, commodity managers, and technology analysts to deliver real-world assessments of ever-shifting market dynamics–across 30 sub-commodities, with four-quarter rolling forecasts and now-casting of previously-unavailable sourcing, demand, and engineering design-cycle indicators.




  • Analog Power & Signal Devices
  • Standard Logic Devices
  • Discrete Devices
  • Optoelectronic Devices
  • Sensors
  • Timing Devices
  • ASICs, Chipsets, Microcontrollers, Microprocessors & Programmable Logic Devices


  • Capacitors
  • Circuit Protection Devices
  • Connectors
  • Frequency Devices
  • Magnetic & Inductor Devices
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Resistors
  • Switches & Relays


  • DRAM
  • Flash
  • Other Memory
  • Storage


  • Metals
  • Packaging
  • Resins


Electronics & Related Commodity Information is Limited

So many factors can impact electronic component sourcing processes—from global macroeconomic and transportation issues to supplier, raw material, industry-specific and regional developments.

2020 State of Electronics Sourcing: A Survey of Global Manufacturing Electronic Component Decision Makers,Dimensional Research.

DSI Network

CIQ is powered by Design-to-Source Intelligence (DSI) and derived from critical, real-world insights and the commodity management expertise of industry leaders and Supplyframe DSI Network partners, as well as industry and market research providers.

It is augmented by commodity, sourcing, and engineering professionals, including over 30 subject matter experts managing hundreds of millions of dollars of design and procurement spending.

DSI Network partners include over 500 companies across the electronics value chain, from IDMs to OEMs and from Suppliers to Distributors and EMS providers.

Billions of signals from Supplyframe technology platform including 70+ vertical search, community, and content sites, 10+ million monthly engagement from engineering and procurement professionals, $120+ billion in annual direct materials spend management, and $500+ million of ecommerce transactions.


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