Quadcept 10.4.0 Release Adds Full Support For SamacSys Library Files


Quadcept, a popular cloud-based CAD system, released their 10.4.0 version update on January 14th, 2021. With this new update, we are excited to announce a partnership between SamacSys and Quadcept, bringing support for a full suite of design-ready CAD models for use in the software. This new functionality, made possible through our Libary Loader plug-in, provides the largest amount of verified models to users, allowing them to focus on design efforts and eliminate errors in the component generation process.

The latest release of Quadcept also includes a new cloud service that allows users to run an EMI analysis by directly connecting to NEC DEMITASNX®, which is an EMI suppression design support tool. This latest update also brings improvements to several other elements of the program, including new functions in both the circuit and PCB designer. For those using Quadcept, this new SamacSys functionality will drastically enhance overall efficiency and remove the need for tedious preparation before the design work can begin.

Component Search Engine, a SamacSys product by Supplyframe, connects designers and engineers to hundreds of thousands of ECAD models, symbols, and footprints. Through our Library Loader plug-in tool, now compatible with Quadcept 10.4.0, users can find, download, and implement these design tools in just a few clicks. If a specific model is missing, a simple request is all it takes to have the model created in an average turnaround time of less than eight hours.

Learn more about Component Search Engine, and download our Library Loader plug-in today!

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