NASA Designs New Ventilator in 37 Days: A Supplyframe Sourcing Story


Photo Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

At Supplyframe, our solutions have always been presented as a means of establishing visibility and resiliency in global electronics supply chains. Risk mitigation and digital transformation are major points of discussion. With COVID-19’s effect on manufacturing, both the industry and our solutions are being put to the test. 

In the video below, Erika Earl shares her experience working with a team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, and how Supplyframe’s solutions helped her and the team quickly pinpoint primary or alternate components that would benefit their design and keep pressure off of conventional medical supply chains. 

The Major Takeaways From This and Other Inspiring Stories 

The achievement of the NASA team cannot be understated. It is one of countless inspiring stories where engineers, makers, and manufacturing companies have risen to the occasion and worked to fill shortages in all manner of different medical devices. 

As an industry, there are some major lessons to be learned from this dire situation we find ourselves in. Supplyframe CEO and founder, Steve Flagg, shared his insights, saying: 

“This experience puts greater emphasis on the importance of building resilient supply chains. That starts in the product design phase with a connected NPI process – enabling effective collaboration across sourcing, engineering and manufacturing by injecting prescriptive intelligence at every decision point.” 

Supplyframe CEO and founder, Steve Flagg

To this end, we have begun developing resources that can help organizations better cope with the current situation and with future product designs. It started with our white paper on the mandate for transformation in NPI, but it continues with new insights like Supplyframe’s sponsored survey with Dimensional Research, which you can learn more about here

It all culminates in our solutions, which offer the missing piece in the puzzle that is electronics sourcing. Supplyframe’s platform provides engineering, sourcing & supply-chain a shared workspace and repository for BOM management, risk mitigation, compliance analysis, and collaboration. 

BOM Insight gives your team the most comprehensive dataset to optimize design, lifecycle, risk & price. The solution combines market availability, pricing data, product-lifecycle, risk, compliance data, and community insights from 10 million+ engineers. It also includes your company-specific contract pricing, quote and purchase history. This results in robust designs with resilient supply-chains at the best price.  

The Supplyframe platform uses machine learning to more accurately match & clean up BOMs over time with active, orderable parts available on the market. Our FFF alternate suggestions quickly identify low-risk alternates. Our proprietary Risk Rank algorithm gives your team the broadest market insights available, ensuring long-term supply-chain continuity.  

All of us here at Supplyframe have the utmost respect for the people on the front lines and those helping to support them through skilled design, engineering, and sourcing. Our hope is that our solutions can assist them in accomplishing their goals more efficiently, and empower them to continue their important work. 

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Bradley Ramsey
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