New Data Indicates Rising Demand For MCU and MPU Component Categories


As part of a subscription to Supplyframe Commodity IQ users are able to define specific alert categories and become aware of new and emerging trends as they develop. While the theme of Commodity IQ’s Q3 2021 report was that “Red is the new yellow” there are some silver linings to note amidst the ongoing challenges.

New Commodity IQ Alert Points to Increased Demand For Microcontrollers and Microprocessors

Commodity IQ subscribers received a new alert in late July, indicating a 209% demand index growth for MCU and MPU component categories.

The Supplyframe design and demand index portions of the Commodity IQ report represent billions of signals and activities across the Supplyframe DSI Network. We use these signals to identify sourcing and design cycle patterns through activities like CAD model downloads for the design index, and sourcing patterns like e-commerce transactions to define the demand index.

In the case of MCUs and MPUs, the report showcases the leading indicators for the top-10 countries by volume. Using this, we noted the aforementioned 209% growth year-on-year, which represents a slight decrease compared to Q2 2021, but a notable increase over last year’s demand nonetheless.

Combined with data surrounding forecasted lead times and global factors like market dynamics or pricing, commodity manager can quickly identify opportunities and adjust their strategies for optimal results.

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Bradley Ramsey
Bradley Ramsey
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