White Paper: Rethinking the Past to Build Stronger Electronics Supply Chains


It’s no secret that electronics supply chains have been disrupted and destabilized over the past few years. From shortages of chips and raw materials to geopolitical issues and COVID-influenced shifts in consumer behavior, businesses in the electronics sector have struggled to respond to volatile and unpredictable circumstances. 

While the pandemic itself may be a once-in-a-lifetime event, the challenges it has caused have exposed the structural shortcomings in the current approach to supply chain management. 

Charting a Path Forward 

Before we can adapt and prevent future large-scale disruptions, it is vital that we understand how we got to this point. Supplyframe’s latest whitepaper breaks down the history of the global supply chain (beginning as early as the 17th century!) in order to examine the issues in supply chain management today. 

The paper highlights the strategies that leading companies are adopting to stay ahead of the curve and ensure resiliency and agility amid turbulent, uncertain times. Today, even mature organizations continue to rely on outdated systems and procedures that have largely remained unchanged for decades. 

Download our new whitepaper to learn more about how to optimize your electronics supply chains for the 21st century and beyond, based on the lessons learned from the past.

Maanasi Chintamani
Maanasi Chintamani
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