Digital Services Act

Digital Services Act - Information on ‘average monthly recipients’ of Siemens Digital Exchange

The Digital Services Act (DSA, Regulation (EU) 2022/2065) is an EU Regulation which entered into force on
16 November 2022. It aims to set out harmonized rules for a safe, predictable and trusted online
environment applicable to intermediary services that, among others, connect users with goods, services,
and content from others and includes online platforms such as the Siemens Digital Exchange.

Under Article 24 (2) of the DSA, online platforms are required to publish ‘information on the average
monthly active recipients of the service’ in the EU by 17 February 2023 and at least once every six months
thereafter. This is for the purposes of determining whether an online platform is a ‘very large online
platform’ (VLOP) as per the DSA, i.e. a platform which reaches an average of at least 45 million users per
month in the EU (representing 10% of the EU population). VLOPs are subject to additional requirements
due to the role they play in the dissemination of content throughout the EU.

Based on the six-month period from August 2022 to January 2023, the average number of monthly active
recipients of our Siemens Digital Exchange the EU was well below the threshold of 45 million.
Since, at the time of publication of this information, neither delegated acts of the European Commission
has not enacted delegated acts (as mentioned under Article 24 (2) of the DSA) nor further
interpretations or guidance material on the methodology of the calculation of the number of monthly
active recipients was published, we have performed our calculation to the best of our knowledge based
on the current information the DSA provides as well as the European Commission’s guidance on the
requirement to publish user numbers of February 1, 2023. We will continue to monitor the number of
average monthly active recipients of our Xcelerator Marketplace in the EU and will publish updated
information in accordance with Article 24 (2) of the DSA.