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Real-time intelligence, agility, and resilience for automotive supply chains

Automobile Manufacturers and Suppliers Must Balance Risk With Innovation

Shortages Will Continue into 2023, According to Supplyframe Data

Ongoing component shortages have forced costly delays and factory shutdowns, with no relief in sight. Consumer demand continues to rise, and supply chains are at their limit.

Automakers Must Innovate Both Inside and Out

Buyers must move past spreadsheets and emails. Speed, agility, and intelligence are a requirement for success going forward, as with the innovative vehicle designs they match.

Vehicles are Evolving Rapidly as Electrification Accelerates

Vehicle designs are rapidly evolving as electrification becomes a primary focus. New technologies and expanding BOMs require a smarter, more capable supply chain to match.

De-Risk Your BOM, Evaluate Cost Down Options, and Plan Your Commodity Strategy

Resilient, Cost-Effective Designs

Analyze BOMs for cost and risk. Identify alternate components and ensure resiliency at the point of design. 

Long-Term Strategic Sourcing

Manage demand, forecast inventory, and prevent costly shutdowns with component-level insights. 

Real-Time Market Intelligence

Access valuable metrics like lead times, design activity, and industry alerts across commodity groups.

Growth Opportunities For Automotive Manufacturers, OEMs, and Component Manufacturers

DSI Solutions introduce valuable capabilities for key members of the automotive supply chain: from manufacturers, to OEMs, and beyond.

Mitigate risk, expand sources of supply, and build resilience into your automotive supply chain for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

$10M Per Shift


Eliminate costly shutdowns by identifying alternate components

30% by 2030


Expand revenue through electrification, demand insights, and strategic sourcing


The Pressure Is On For Both Manufacturers & Global Supply Chains To Deliver The Future Vision Of The Automotive Industry.

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