Manufacturers, Suppliers & Distributors

Accelerate new product introduction and secure more design wins, leading to increased sales and market share for your organization.

Today's Engineers and Designers Expect a Personalized Customer Experience

Lack of Visibility into Design Activity

Sales and marketing teams struggle to understand what engineers are creating and where they stand in their process.


Low Reach into New and Existing Markets

Expanding brand awareness and audience reach are difficult without tailored advertising solutions.


A Disjointed Customer Experience

 Purchasing and quoting is heavily reliant on manual processes, leading to long, disjointed customer experiences. 



Expand Your Reach, Gain Market Share, and Meet Customers Where They Are

Provide Intelligent Quote Response

Take your quote response from hours to minutes, utilize optimized price and product recommendations for a streamlined experience.

Reach a Global Network

Reach and engage with a network of over ten million engineering and sourcing professionals with targeted advertising solutions.

Understand Engineering Activity

Monitor global design and engineering activity to optimize sales efforts. Understand what engineers are building and where they are in their journey.

Achieve Growth Through Targeted Marketing, Tailored to Your Audience

Supplyframe solutions enable sales organizations to effectively engage over 10 million global engineering and sourcing professionals who make NPI award and direct materials spend decisions each and every day.  


Impact of any other ad product in the industry

5-10 RoAS

Grow direct e-commerce revenue


A Gartner® Report: “Develop a Supply Chain Transformation Narrative to Guide Your Team Into The Future"

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BY THE NUMBERS – NVIDIA’s fiscal Q3 earnings results...

31% The year-over-year percentage increase in NVIDIA’s Data Center group revenue in the third fiscal quarter, with revenue for the division totaling $3.83 billion. This represents a halving of the 61% growth year-over-year during the company’s second fiscal quarter.

BY THE NUMBERS – Business sentiment on supply chains…

42% – The percentage of respondents who plan to transform their supply chains in 2023, according to an international survey of mid-market enterprises (MMEs) conducted by HSBC Holdings.

Quantum/AI technologies promise to mitigate supply-chain risks…

To address these challenges, supply-chain players are bringing to bear the most powerful weapons in their technology arsenal: artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing

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