Industrial Equipment

Supplyframe solutions provide key intelligence and insight to maintain momentum and overcome any and all supply chain disruptions.

In the Pursuit of Efficiency, Intelligence and Agility are Key

Disruption is at an All-Time High

From shortages, to trade wars, to geopolitical conflicts, the manufacturing industry is always facing some form of disruption that requires constant vigilance.

The Endless Pursuit of Efficiency

Industry 4.0, automation, and new forms of intelligence are just some of the ways manufacturers are pursuing efficiency to meet rising demand.

Demand for Talent and Technology

Hiring and retaining top talent is a major focus for manufacturers, but adopting technology to automate certain processes and streamline manual tasks is also key.


Factories Never Shut Down, Neither Should Your Solutions

Deep Insight into Cost and Risk

Real-time insights into pricing, market intelligence, and component level Risk Rank™ gives your teams the data they need to make informed decisions.

Streamlined BOM Validation

Drastically reduce new BOM validation with automated part number verification and readily available alternates that match form, fit, and function.

Always-on Market Intelligence

Access valuable metrics like lead times, design activity, and industry alerts across commodity groups.

Outpace the Competition and Streamline Sourcing

Today's industrial manufacturing landscape does not leave room for mistakes.

Supplyframe solutions boost profitability beyond the industry average, while also allowing for streamlined, automated processes that put time back into the hands of your teams who need it most.


Exceed average industry growth rate

2 Weeks

Removed from each Phase Gate


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