Strategic Sourcing For a Resilient Supply Chain

Supplyframe DirectSource is a solution purpose-built to empower procurement and supply chain professionals in the electronics industry. Make smarter, faster sourcing decisions across global commodities, resulting in resilient supply and higher margins across the product lifecycle.

Define a Single Source of Truth

Leverage real-time intelligence from Supplyframe's global DSI Network to better understand market dynamics, commodity trends, and opportunities for resilience in your designs, all within a single platform. 


Existing Strategies are Outdated

The traditional practice of strategic sourcing and commodity management is long overdue for a digital transformation in how we gather sources of insight and accelerate end-to-end cycle times.

Disconnected Sources of Data

Manual processes, scattered sources of intelligence, and siloed organization structures prevent the kinds of resiliency and collaboration needed to combat both present and future challenges.

A Lack of Risk Management

Organizations often have a limited understanding of where risk exists in their sourcing strategy, leading to costly delays or last minute shifts that demand a premium. Risk mitigation must become a priority.

Strategic Sourcing That Accelerates Savings

Supplyframe DirectSource enables the continuous optimization of direct materials sourcing by surfacing real-time actionable intelligence, from market analysis through sourcing event execution.

Manage demand, mitigate risk, forecast shifts in supply, and transform your sourcing strategy.



Faster Data Cleansing Cycle


Reduction in High-risk Parts


Margin Improvement

2 Week

Stage Gate Reduction

Beyond the Crisis: Rethinking the Past to Build a Better Future for the Global Electronics Supply Chain

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