Medical Devices

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Medtech Supply Chains Must Become Immune to Disruption

Supply Chain Disruptions

Ongoing shortages, shifting demand, recovery from the pandemic, and other factors have had significant effects on medical supply chains from end-to-end.

Shifting Patient Expectations

Healthcare technology is shifting towards personalized treatment and connected platforms, and consumers expect new solutions to reflect these shifts. 

Complex Regulations

Regulatory approval takes up to eight months due to current and emerging regulations that require highly specific designs and components. 

Design Life-Saving Devices, Source With Confidence

Accelerate Product Development

Shorten R&D cycles and get new products to patients faster with a solution that allows you to quickly assess product risk and identify viable alternatives.

Innovate Without Disrupting Care

Take the guesswork out of strategic sourcing, automate manual tasks, so your teams can focus on the next steps for healthcare technology.

Stay Ahead of The Curve

Connect the dots between new regulations and shifting commodity markets. Understand where risk exists, and take action faster.

Enable Growth Without Sacrificing Efficiency

Supplyframe solutions provide real-time inventory and market intelligence alongside component-level risk assessment and collaborative capabilities across sourcing, procurement and engineering.

This allows teams to identify viable sources of supply for resilient medical device designs that meet regulatory requirements.

18 Months or Less

Achieve industry leading development and launch cycles

8%+ Growth YOY

Exceed CAGR Industry Projections and outpace the competition


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