NPI: New Product Introduction

Transform Product Launches into a Competitive Advantage

Supplyframe NPI delivers key strategic sourcing capabilities and valuable real-time intelligence that allow organizations to design, source, and launch resilient products that stand up to rising complexity and ongoing shortages.

Launch New Products on Time and Within Budget

Supplyframe NPI combines dynamic BOM validation and de-risking tools, real-time component intelligence, easily identifiable alternates, and cross-functional collaboration capabilities within a purpose-built solution for the electronics value chain. 



Rising product complexity

Supplyframe data shows that over a third of organizations have experienced a 50% increase or more in the number of components per product. 

Worsening Part Shortages

Ongoing component shortages are limiting innovation in new product designs, and are expected to last well into 2023, based on Supplyframe predictions

Lack of Resilience During Design

Supplyframe data shows that 80% of a product's lifetime risk is "locked in" during design, illustrating the need for resiliency at the beginning.

Design, Source, and Manufacture Products That Thrive Across The Product Lifecycle

Supplyframe NPI empowers teams to make smarter, more informed decisions from design, to sourcing, to manufacturing.

Break down silos between teams, collaborate within the solution, leverage real-time market intelligence, and pinpoint alternate parts in seconds to mitigate long-term risk.


First Year Cost Savings


Reduction in BOM Cleanup Time

5 Months

Time Removed From Sourcing Cycles


Reduction in Data Errors

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