Aerospace & Defense

Intelligence to mitigate risk, improve margins, and drive profitable sourcing decisions.

Enabling Collaboration and Visibility Across The Enterprise

Understand and Manage Risk

Enrich your BOM with otherwise unseen variables like part alternatives, pricing, and lead times. Combine these with known engineering considerations to better mitigate risk.


Collaborative Decision-Making

Provide teams with shared visibility to enable joint decision making that accounts for all possible outcomes, driven by real-time intelligence.


Immediate and Long-term Savings

Leverage external intelligence to facilitate better initial cost and higher long-term margins thanks to smarter sourcing.


Solutions Tailored to Aerospace and Defense

Minimize Initial Cost and Risk

Design better products from the beginning with deep insights into your BOM that allow for alternate part selection, the lowest prices, and minimal lead times to support new product development and long-term sustainment.


Maximize Profitability

Forecasts into component-level pricing, lead times, and availability allow for proactive BOMs that adapt to an ever-changing landscape. Collaborate across teams within a single solution and close the gap between departments.


Ensure Sustained Production

Never let commodity trends or industry-wide shortages catch you off-guard. Access always-on commodity intelligence and analysis to plan for changes in lead times, pricing, availability, and other forms of decision support.


Embrace The Benefits of a Digital Transformation

Supplyframe solutions combine integral market intelligence with detailed visibility and collaborative functionality to give organizations all the information they need to make smarter sourcing decisions.


Reduction in BOM Clean Up Time

16% Margin lift

Results for digitally transformed companies


Reduction in Data Errors

2 Week

Stage Gate Reduction


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