Accelerate PCB Design With Readily Available Symbols, Footprints, and 3D Models


The process that most engineers must go through to get schematic symbols, PCB footprints, and 3D models for their PCB design is extremely outdated. When searching for components online, datasheets are generally only available in PDF format, which requires the engineer to copy PCB symbols and footprint data by hand into their PCB design tool. This can easily take upwards of an hour or more, and is prone to errors in the process. 

Engineers today demand access to ready-to-use digital design information, and more and more component manufacturers are offering SamacSys ECAD models, ensuring accurate designs from the get-go and saving engineers a significant amount of laborious work in the process.

SamacSys: a Supplyframe company, makes its vast library of design-ready ECAD models available to engineers for free via their syndicated network of distribution and online partners, offering a drastically accelerated PCB design. What used to take several hours per design happens in a single click. 

Bringing Component Manufacturers and Engineers Together

SamacSys is the only ECAD model library providing access to their models with intuitive library loader software, which allows instant access to high-quality ECAD models in three simple steps: 

  • Search for your part number on 
  • Click Download
  • The Library Loader works in the background, extracting the model for your design tool, integrating it into your library, and attaching it to your mouse for instant use in your schematic editor. A single click adds the part to your design. 

If the component you’re looking for isn’t available, it’s incredibly simple to submit a request for a member of the SamacSys team to build it for you. With an industry-leading turnaround time of 8 hours on average, manual model editing becomes a thing of the past. The result is a highly accurate and thoroughly tested ECAD model made by our team of content engineers.

SamacSys ECAD models have the farthest reach available in the industry. network also expands beyond the Component Search Engine website, and offers high-quality ECAD models across all the other engineering websites in our network, including most major distributors, and the entire Supplyframe network (Findchips, datasheet5, and other engineering websites).  

The acquisition of Samacys by Supplyframe was based on a shared vision of expanding the intelligence that can be provided to engineers at the point of design. By connecting engineering design and sourcing and augmenting decision-making capabilities with real-time market intelligence, the Supplyframe and Samacsys partnership brings new levels of resiliency, agility, and profitability to the electronics value chain.  

Bradley Ramsey
Bradley Ramsey
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