Software Solutions
New Product Introduction
Infuse your new product development cycles with class-leading intelligence and eliminate up to 80% of lifetime risk with Supplyframe NPI.
New product introductions don’t just take place at the point of sale. With Supplyframe NPI, bring greater intelligence to your product development teams so they can build with confidence, accelerate design cycles, and improve process management from design to sourcing.
Design and Source Better Products Faster
Launch New Products on Time and Within Budget
Analyze your bill of materials to understand risk, part availability, and lead times. Eliminate the need for redesigns and speed up time to market.
Overcome Complexity
As bills of material become increasingly complex, source with confidence and easily identify alternates.
Work Smarter, Not Harder
Collaborate directly across teams, send messages, and make shared decisions within a single platform.
Resilience Starts at the Point of Design
First Year Cost Savings
Reduction in BOM Cleanup Time
0 Months
Time Removed From Sourcing Cycles
Reduction in Data Errors
One Design,
Countless Insights
Resilience starts at the point of design. With Supplyframe NPI, you gain access to complex, real-time data on over 650 million components that allows your teams to anticipate risk, optimize product launches, and reduce costs.

This level of intelligence allows today’s organizations to better understand where risk exists in their designs. Quickly access alternate components to mitigate issues, and ensure that costly redesigns don’t slow your time to market.
Learn How Today’s Organizations Can Overcome Challenges in Their NPI Processes