Software Solutions
Product Lifecycle Intelligence
Supplyframe DirectSource is a solution purpose-built to empower procurement and supply chain professionals in the electronics industry. Product lifecycle management hasn’t changed in decades. Reimagine what’s possible when you bring real-time information into the fold and illuminate the blind spots in your sourcing network.
Intelligence for Smarter Strategic Sourcing
Global Visibility
Take advantage of outside-in intelligence from Supplyframe's global DSI Network to better understand market dynamics, commodity trends, and opportunities for resilience in your designs, all within a single platform
Automate Manual Processes
Step away from spreadsheets and email communication, embrace collaboration between engineering and sourcing. Spend less time on manual tasks and more time on smarter sourcing.
Get The Most From Your Supplier Network
Enhance your strategic sourcing with greater visibility to component-level lead times, lifecycles, and costs. Leverage your supplier network using scenarios to identify opportunities for cost savings.
Strategic Sourcing that Accelerates Savings
Faster Data Cleansing Cycle
Reduction in High-risk Parts
Margin Improvement
2 Weeks
Stage Gate Reduction
Learn More About The Trillion Dollar Problem in Global Electronics (And How to Solve It)