More resilient
More profitable growth.

Powered by breakthrough Design-to-Source Intelligence (DSI), Supplyframe’s AI-based SaaS solutions enable previously impossible insights and decision support that bring new levels of resiliency and performance to the global electronics value chain.
↗ Up to 20% Price Increases for legacy analog devices through H121 source: CIQ | 35 weeks Current high-performance analog lead times source: CIQ | 52+ weeks Analog power lead times for automotive source: CIQ | ↗ 20% to 40% Standard logic 8-inch foundry prices in 2021 source: CIQ | ⚠ Allocation for MOSFETs Infineon & Nexperia power MOSFETs source: CIQ | ⚠ Diode EOL risks Mature product pricing is up 20% with EOLs looming source: CIQ | ↗ 16+ weeks Lead times for all photocouplers source: CIQ | $333B Global market for sensors in 2025 source: BCC Research | ↗ 35 to 52 weeks Substrate shortage are increasing chipset lead times source: CIQ | ↘ $1B to $2.5B Amount semiconductor shortage could lower Ford Motor Company’s earnings in 2021 source: Reuters | $3 trillion Amount of investment over the next 10 years needed to meet soaring semiconductor demand source: SIA / BCG | ↗ 20 to 60 weeks Variance of polymer-tantalum capacitor lead times source: CIQ | ↗ Up 33 weeks Electrolytic and film capacitor lead times continue to expand source: CIQ | ↗ $2,600+ per ounce Palladium costs impacting high-voltage MLCCs source: CIQ | ↗ Nearly 5 months Average ceramic capacitor supplier backlog source: CIQ | 90% Capacity utilization for fuses and varistors source: CIQ | ↗ Over 400% FAKRA-compliant connector automotive demand for each new-vehicle model year source: CIQ | ↗ 16+ months How long the drastic TCXO price increases will persist source: CIQ | ↗ Over 40% CCL PCB price increases in the past 6 months source: CIQ | ↗ 12+ weeks Overall rise in PCB lead times due laminate shortages source: CIQ | ↗ 52+ weeks Resistor lead times for some suppliers source: CIQ | ↗ 4 to 8 weeks Overall rise in switch lead times due capacity constraints source: CIQ | ↗ 18 to 20 weeks Lead time range for relays source: CIQ | ↗ 25% Year-on-year smartphone DRAM growth source: Yole Developpement | ↗ Up to 10% Forecast mobile DRAM Q2 price increases source: CIQ

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The mandate
for resilient supply

Within the global electronics value chain, COVID-19 has revealed the urgent need for greater resilience, raising the stakes as manufacturers work to mitigate trillions of dollars of risk exposure.

Why do traditional approaches fail to deliver resilient supply?

RSM Chart

Design-to-Source Intelligence, only from Supplyframe

Unmatched electronics industry parts and design cycle data

Supplyframe’s DSI Network includes global real-time availability and lead times for over 600M component parts and captures billions of data signals about part supply, demand, risk, and commercial intent.


Supplyframe’s DSI Platform applies advanced AI methods to continuously generate actionable insights and recommendations that enhance resilience of parts, BOMs, and categories of direct materials spend.


Supplyframe DSI Solutions enable OEMs, manufacturers, distributors, and component suppliers to surface DSI Platform insights within key cross-functional workflows, to increase overall business performance and resilience.

Powering innovators across the global electronics value chain

We are privileged to work with innovators across the global electronics value chain, at each tier. This is a representative list of our customers across electronics suppliers and distributors, and downstream manufacturers in high tech manufacturing, automotive, medical devices, industrial equipment and consumer durables.





































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Supplyframe is almost a one-of-a-kind solution for sourcing electronics in high-tech and  medical devices based on its combination of deep market data on over 1 billion unique parts across over 20,000 suppliers, deep bill of material support, NPI support with deep forecasting and comparative versioning, and direct sourcing support.

Jason Busch, Founder

DSI Solutions for Global ManufacturersTransform new product introduction & strategic sourcing

Assure resilience at
the point of design

Supplyframe NPI is a SaaS application that builds resilience into the product lifecycle from the beginning of the New Product Introduction (NPI) process, accelerating time-to-market, assuring BOM validation, optimizing for target costs, and mitigating risk of downstream supply disruption.

Optimize direct
materials spend

Supplyframe DirectSource empowers you to make faster, more informed sourcing and purchasing decisions across commodities and categories, and to more rapidly execute successful sourcing events that ensure supply continuity and enhance overall lifecycle margins.

DSI Solutions for Suppliers & DistributorsRevolutionary new forms of engagement

Unsurpassed access,
10x advertising ROI

Supplyframe Media Solutions let you engage directly with the world’s largest network of design engineers, sourcing professionals, and direct materials buyers, as they are researching and making purchase decisions.

Visibility into active
design cycles

Supplyframe DesignSense is a SaaS application that delivers unmatched visibility into active manufacturer new product design cycles, part selection, and purchase intent, spanning 10M+ active users that access the DSI Network.

Increased win rates with
intelligent quoting

Supplyframe CPQ is a SaaS application that transforms solution quoting for suppliers with large electronics, industrial, or MRO parts catalogs, by combining market intelligence with customer account purchase patterns to optimize quotes for margin.