Expand Your Reach
and Accelerate Design Wins

Supplyframe's DesignSense Sales-Intelligence is a unique new solution that allows electronics suppliers to achieve continuous visibility into active design cycles, part selection, and purchase intent across the entirety of their global audience.

Targeted, Timely, Relevant Engagement: Powered by The Design-to-Source Network.


Unmatched Reach
and Influence

DesignSense Sales-Intelligence connects your sales and marketing teams to a global audience of engineering and design professionals across numerous industries.

See how your competitors are already leveraging these capabilities to achieve real, tangible results.

7 %

Improved Revenue Lift
in the First Year


Qualified Leads Generated
from Sales Intelligence


Net New Sales


Generated LTV by
Confirmed Design-ins

Understand the Engineer's
Digital Footprint

How can sales teams engage and influence engineers at the stage where they are seeking out parts for their design?

DesignSense Sales-Intelligence generates a “Digital Footprint,” showcasing engineering activity over time, allowing for targeted engagement with your audience in the moments that matter most. 



Insights Across the Entire Global Electronics Value Chain

Consumer Electronics /
Automotive /
Medical Devices /
Industrial Equipment /
Durable Goods /
Mechatronics /
Digital Imaging /
Semiconductors /
Raw Materials /
Networking & 5G /
Edge Computing /
Transportation /
Military & Defense /
Telecommunications /
Shipping & Logistics /
Internet Of Things /
Global Positioning Systems /
Aerospace /
Robotics /
Assistive Devices /
Avionics /
Audio Systems /
SalesIntel + SF A1

10 Million+ Engineering and Sourcing Professionals

Every day, engineers are choosing new products and components to incorporate into their designs. DesignSense Sales-Intelligence connects you to their decision-making process, allowing you to understand where and when engagement would be most likely to secure design wins.


  Understand Which Products are Selected For Designs

   Receive a Timeline and History of Products Research

  Pinpoint Products Researched for BOM Pricing and Availability

  Monitor Which Competitor Products are placed on boards

Accelerate Design Wins with Sales-Intelligence From Supplyframe