DSI Solutions for Suppliers & Distributors


Unmatched visibility and profitable conversion of new product design initiatives

Supplyframe DSI Solutions enable sales organizations to more efficiently engage, continuously identify, and more profitably convert the demand of over 10 million engineers and sourcing professionals who are actively making NPI award and direct materials spend decisions.

Supplyframe DesignSense

Revolutionary visibility into active design cycles
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Supplyframe Media

Unsurpassed buyer access, 10x traditional ad spend ROI
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Supplyframe CPQ

Increase win rates and margins with intelligent quoting
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Unprecedented design cycle visibility, more design wins

Supplyframe DesignSense provides real-time intelligence about active design cycles involving millions of professionals across thousands of companies, increasing the ability of sales and marketing teams to actively engage in every opportunity and convert design wins.


Unlock design cycle intelligence

DesignSense is a premium intelligence service that provides distributors and component suppliers with continuous visibility into active design cycles, part selection, and purchase intent, all captured from end user engagement across the DSI Network.

The pulse of design activity

Leverages billions of design cycle data signals captured from millions of users continuously making BOM design and NPI award and sourcing decisions on the Supplyframe DSI Network

Placed into context

Applies advanced AI methods to put end user activity into actionable context, including commercial intent and the product application being designed and sourced

Revealing opportunities

Correlates design activity and insights to individual end users and accounts, so that emerging design cycle opportunities can be identified and serviced

End-to-end visibility

Provides continuously updated information and insights on each design cycle, from part research to footprint downloads to shopping cart clicks in a final design

Full digital footprint

Captures and saves all product categories, part numbers, and part descriptions that the end user has explored throughout the design cycle journey

Transformational impact of design cycle intelligence

Early visibility into design cycles enables unprecedented sales responsiveness and service levels that quickly respond to demand signals and purchase intent.


More opportunities

Continuously surfaces and reveals design cycles as they emerge across thousands of companies, expanding sales awareness of more qualified opportunities

Higher win rates

Enables early, advantaged engagement with active NPI cycles, driving more valuable interactions that influence selection decisions and drive win rates

Greater sales productivity

Enables higher quality opportunity discovery and qualification, while freeing sales resources to spend more time selling and servicing accounts

Deeper customer service

Empowers sales and marketing teams to differentiate against competitors, with more valuable interactions, faster response, and more personalized service


Intelligent quotes
drive win rate and margin

Supplyframe CPQ is a next-generation quotation solution that enables suppliers with large electronics, industrial, or MRO parts catalogs to leverage rich supply intelligence and customer account purchase patterns when responding to quotations. accelerating sales cycles, increasing win rates, and enhancing margins on every order.


Respond with intelligence, precision and speed

Supplyframe CPQ is a rich configuration, pricing, and quote management application supported by unmatched supply intelligence and customer history data, which accelerates the creation of tailored, price-optimized quotes for individual accounts.

Integrated market intelligence

Powers the quote lifecycle with supply intelligence across over a billion component parts, 20,000 suppliers, and intent insights from 10 million engineering and sourcing professionals

Customer BOM validation

Intelligently correlates inbound customer BOM data with accurate industry part numbers and rich, part-specific industry intelligence, slashing BOM cleanup efforts

Real-time quote response

Analyzes customer BOM and generates a quote response that is dynamically updated with real-time part pricing, availability, performance and other variables, so sales can make more strategic decisions

Rapid solution alternatives

Automated data cleanup and integrated intelligence enable rapid iteration of accurate quotes in response to customer requirements, presenting the customer with multiple viable alternatives

Optimized for margin

Evaluates customer purchase and quote history in the context of each customer quote, and automatically recommends optimal customer pricing for individual parts based on multiple factors

Transformational impact of intelligent quoting

Intelligent customer response and self-service capabilities enable unprecedented sales responsiveness and service levels for competitive advantage and supplier of choice.


Higher win rates

Increased responsiveness with high quality, accurate quotes and alternatives increases likelihood of conversion on every deal

Expanded selling capacity

Increased throughput and rapid quoting cycles enable sales resources to respond to more opportunities with targeted solutions

Enhanced margins

Intelligent price optimization on individual parts minimizes margin erosion and maximizes deal value

Lower cost of sales

Elimination of BOM cleanup and acceleration of intelligent quote generation compresses sales cycles and radically reduces time spent on each opportunity