Why Supplyframe

Only Supplyframe’s Design-To-Source Intelligence (DSI) solutions deliver actionable insights that drive better decisions across new product development initiatives, full product lifecycles, and strategic sourcing of direct materials.

We’ve built the three pillars required to deliver supply resilience for the electronics value chain

01 DSI Network

Unmatched electronics industry parts & design cycle data

02 DSI Platform

Industrial-scale intelligence platform

03 DSI Solutions

Transformational, AI-based solutions

DSI Network








Supplyframe’s Design-to-Source Intelligence (DSI) Network is our proprietary network of over 70 vertical search engines, community sites, and media properties.

Over 10 million engineering, sourcing, and supply chain professionals regularly engage with our Network properties and SaaS solutions in the course of their daily research and decision-making.

Web properties
Engineering and sourcing professionals

Within the DSI Network, users access comprehensive, continuously updated information spanning a universe of over 1 billion in-market part attributes, including real-time availability and lead-time data, along with 700,000 downloadable 2D/3D models.

Searchable part attributes, including real-time availability & lead times
Downloadable 2D/3D models

Most importantly, user engagement within the DSI Network fuels billions of continuous signals related to global electronics part supply, demand, risk factors, and commercial intent. This rapidly expanding data asset is the foundation for transformational intelligence.

Real-time signals from user engagements

DSI Platform

The signal data generated by the DSI Network is aggregated into Supplyframe’s DSI Platform, where it is normalized into an industrial scale data architecture, using multiple applied AI methods to generate insights related to global electronics supply and demand.

The always-on, always-learning, always-improving nature of the DSI Platform makes it the world’s richest, real-time intelligence resource for the electronics value chain

This intelligence is the foundation for transformational, intelligence-based solutions for global manufacturers and suppliers.

Always on

Always learning

Always improving

Examples of DSI Platform
intelligence include:

Part Risk Performance Intelligence

Part risk & performance intelligence

Real-time part demand, popularity, and availability statistics and forecasts

Intelligent Part Recommendation

Intelligent part recommendation

Automatic recommendations for alternative or adjacent parts during the product design and sourcing phases

Market Pricing Intelligence

Market intelligence

Combines quote data with external market data, historical quotes, and other relevant enterprise data for benchmarking during sourcing events

Quote Intelligence

Quote intelligence

Automatic recommendations for alternative or adjacent parts during the product design and sourcing phases

Market Pricing Intelligence

Direct spend intelligence

Reveals risk mitigation and cost optimization opportunities across product portfolios, commodities, and other direct materials spend categories

DSI Solutions

Supplyframe's DSI Solutions address the needs of global manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors with purpose-built applications that infuse intelligence directly into the design-to-source lifecycle.

Whether it's strategic sourcing, digital customer engagement, industry intelligence, or a transformed approach to NPI, Supplyframe's DSI Solutions provide the basis for a digital transformation across your organization.

For Global Manufacturers

For Global Manufacturers

Supplyframe’s NPI and DirectSource solutions deliver shared intelligence and cross-functional collaboration to new product introduction, end-to-end product lifecycles, and strategic sourcing of direct materials.

Direct materials cost savings
Reduction in sourcing cycle times
Lifecycle margin improvement
For Distributors Suppliers

For Suppliers & Distributors

Supplyframe’s Media, DesignSense, and CPQ solutions enable sales and marketing organizations to more efficiently engage, continuously identify, and more profitably convert the demand of over 10 million engineers and sourcing professionals on the DSI Network.

Net new opportunities in 90 days
Lift in design win rates
Customer margin improvement